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Overcome Oral Cancer With Screenings and Lifestyle Changes

Baseball legend Babe Ruth, President Ulysses S. Grant and George Harrison of the Beatles — these three notable people from different backgrounds and historical eras have a sad commonality Read More

Introducing the Royal Baby...and His New Teeth!

Not long ago, a certain Royal Baby made his first major public appearance. At a “crawl-about” in New Zealand, young Prince George (the 8-month-old son of Prince William and Read More

Occasional Tongue Redness may be Irritating but not a Serious Health Issue

If you occasionally notice mildly irritating red patches on the top surface of your tongue, you may be one of the three percent or less of the population with Read More

Use a Risk Management Approach for Dental Care Success

As our profession advances, we dental professionals continue to find the biggest factor for successful outcomes is an informed patient. The more you know about your own teeth and Read More

Advances in Clear Aligners Make Them a Viable Choice for More Teens

Metal braces for correcting teeth alignment have long been a fixture of adolescence. But although they're effective, they tend to put a crimp on a teenager's life with changes Read More

Planning and Prevention Help Keep Treatment Costs Within Your Budget

Advancements in dentistry have created an abundant source of treatments for restoring health and vitality to diseased teeth and gums. Unfortunately, not all of these treatment options may be Read More

Can You Envision Your Ideal Smile?

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “My smile would be near perfect if only?” If your answer is yes, come and see us to discuss some of the most Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About Bad Breath

Q: I often seem to have noticeably bad breath — not just in the morning. How unusual is this problem? A: Persistent bad breath, or halitosis, is a very common Read More

Herbal Remedy Helps Alleviate Pain and Swelling After Dental Procedures

Alternative medicines — also known as herbal or homeopathic remedies — have grown in popularity in recent decades. Because they don’t think of these remedies as “medicines,” many people Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About Porcelain Veneers

Q: What exactly are porcelain veneers? A: The term “veneer” usually means a very thin covering that’s designed to improve the way a surface looks. The porcelain veneers we Read More

What You Can do to Help Your Child Develop a Dental Checkup Habit

Next to brushing and flossing, a regular dental checkup is the single most important thing you can do for a healthy mouth. It’s also one of the best lifetime Read More

What's The Difference Between Bridgework and Dental Implants?

When a natural tooth can’t be preserved, it is important to have it replaced as soon as possible. Presently, there are two excellent tooth-replacement systems in wide use: traditional Read More

When Could Bridgework Be Preferable to a Dental Implant?

When a tooth is lost, it’s important to restore your mouth to its proper function and appearance with a permanent replacement, such as a dental implant or a bridge. Read More

Keep Tooth Decay Away

Did you know that tooth decay (dental caries) is the second most frequently occurring disease — surpassed only by the common cold? It can start as soon as toddlers Read More

Treating Bite Problems Early Could Make Later Treatment Easier or Unnecessary

When most people think of orthodontic treatment, they may think of braces worn during the teenage years. But there are some types of malocclusions (bad bites) that may benefit Read More

Treating Kids' Sports-Related Dental Injuries

They work hard, and put in lots of time on the field and at home. They learn the rules of the game — as well as the unwritten rules Read More

Viewing 369 - 384 out of 491 posts